Delvin Atchison

Director, Great Commission

(214) 828-5109

I greet you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ. I would like to introduce you to the Great Commission Team of Texas Baptists. Our team consists of three distinct, but collaborative teams: Discipleship, Evangelism, and Music & Worship. We have been granted the wonderful opportunity of helping equip and encourage the churches of Texas Baptists in fulfilling the Great Commission. In the following pages, you will find invaluable resources to assist you and your church with evangelizing the sinner, equipping the saint, and exalting the Savior. Our goal is to have Great Churches of this Great Convention excited about the Great Commission.

Delvin Atchison
Director of the Great Commission Team
Texas Baptists

[un]Apologetic Conferences address current ways to remove obstacles to evangelism. Over two days, participants will hear biblical truth backed up with logic and evidence expressed in gentleness and respect. General speaking sessions and workshops are provided to help individuals strengthen their faith and learn how to engage others with the Gospel, for which we do not apologize.

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Feeling like God may be calling you into vocational ministry? We hope this book will encourage you and answer some of your questions. Its purpose is to help you pursue God's call in your life and to guide you through prayer, Bible study, and reflection on where he is leading you. It's our desire to walk with you a few steps along the road God is unfolding before you.

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Our staff is available to consult on site, by phone or by video conference with you and your church leaders regarding discipleship ministry in your church. We can also work with you and your association or area to provide leadership training events for those who lead the areas of Bible study, discipleship, evangelism, and music and worship in your congregations. To schedule, or for more information, please contact one of our team members.

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